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Hippie Easter Egg Hunt


Located inside the Holistic Festival of life - Easter Egg Hunt Starts at 2pm both days...Eggs will be hidden throughout the event - lots of fun surprises!


Lets get Grooovy Baaby! Who’s ready to celebrate Spring with yoga, music, dance, Hoola Hopping and all things hippie! Join us at the Holistic Festival of life on Friday 2pm and Saturday 2pm for our Hippie Easter Egg Hunt. Holistic goodies filled eggs, crystals, stones, coupons, candy and treats!  Neighbors, Friends, Families, Communities are made by just coming together and learning, growing and expanding together!

Dress in your best hippie outfit and let’s have fun like it’s 1961!

Green & Sustainable Businesses - GemStones - Ayurveda - Acupuncturists - Chiropractors - Meditation - Nutritionists - Family Financial & Health Resources - Intuitive Guidance - Family Counseling - Skin Care - Aromatherapy - Reiki - Feng Shui - Astrology - Readings - Tarot - Tantric Healing - Vastu Shastra - Massage Therapy - And so much more!

Being an adult doesn't mean you can't participate in the annual Easter-egg hunt tradition. In fact, we've found that it's actually more fun for a grownup, since the prizes for adults are way more fun than quarters and candy. Crystals , Hippie swag , coupons , holistic goodies great for all ages!

Let’s Work Together

Jennifer Rae Vendor Director -


Ananda Kripa Media Director


Vijay Warman Performance Director


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